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12-Week Training Plan

August 22, 2017

Rock the Road has partnered with Hybrid Fitness to bring you this 12-week training plan that started on Monday, August 21st but you can jump in whenever you want!! Whether you’re a new runner simply hoping to finish, or an experienced runner hoping to crack a 30, 25, or even 20-minute 5K, this plan is for you.

We will share the plan weekly on the Hybrid Fitness Centre facebook page and the Rock the Road facebook page but if you can’t wait to see the whole thing, click the link below.

Here are the descriptions of the ‘paces’ that we use:
1 – Repetition Pace (R) – Your fastest training pace. This is hard, but still not an all-out sprint. This is way faster than you’ll run your 5K.
2 – Interval Pace (I) – A hard pace, but one that you could hold for 10-15 minutes in a serious race. This is therefore still faster than you’ll run your 5K.
3 – Threshold Pace (T) – For most runners this is your 10K pace. You should be able to speak but not hold a conversation. Advanced runners should be able to run at this speed for up to an hour; Beginner/Intermediate runners should be able to run at this speed for at least 30-40min.
4 – Easy Pace (E) – A comfortable conversational pace. This might be anywhere from a slow walk to a light jog. For beginners this should be a walk.

Facebook message us if you have any questions!!

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