Ambassador Brayden (Age 6) Offers Running Tips for Kids!

August 16, 2014

It’s not too often that I see other kid’s running, but often I am stopped by other adults, who always give me a high five for my runs and ask for tips.

1. Start by running as far and as fast as YOU can. Each day, work a little harder to run a little further or make your time a little faster. If you need to slow down and do walking/running intervals, go for it!

2. Find new places to run. Even though, I do most of my runs on a school track or on the treadmill, it is always a treat to run in new places. Just this past week, I have done my runs on the boardwalk in New Jersey and along a beautiful lake in Iowa. I enjoy switching it up every once in a while.


3. Stretch before you run. Even kids need to stretch. Not only does stretching help loosen up muscles before a run, but it can also help you have a longer stride and sprint faster.

4. Register in some crazy and fun runs and races in your city! Registering for fun runs like the Rock the Road races are good motivators to keep training.

5. Have FUN and remember the goal is to make yourself proud!

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