Ambassador Brayden (Age 6) Blogs about Hill Running!

July 31, 2014

Running Hills

Scary. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I think about running hills. I do most of my training on the track or on treadmills when the weather is not cooperating, and even though my runs on the treadmill are at a slight incline, the thought of running hills on my first 3K run, “Run the Distance” made me really nervous.

Am I going to make it up the hill? Will I lose my balance running down the hill?How are the hills going to change my pace?Blog1Brayden

These are all questions that I kept asking myself while on my way to the race that morning. I was nervous and wanted to back out at the last moment. My Mom wouldn’t let me, she said she knew I could do it.

You know what? I did do it! And while my pace was a little slower than when I train on the track (5:39 mins/km), I was proud of myself for getting through my first race with hills.


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