Scott Howarth

Location: Main Stage – Arva Flour Mill District (map)
Connect: YouTubeTwitter @Scott_Howarth_

Scott Howarth – Guitar & Vocals
Aaron Allen – Guitar & Vocals

Cuda Highway

Location: After the first turn on Medway Rd. (map)
Connect: WebsiteFacebook, YouTube

Steven Hillier – Frontman
Joel Hagen – Bass
Chris Mckichan – Drums
Jordan Keidan – Lead Guitar


Ben Heffernan

Location: Near 1KM/4KM Mark. (Northside of Medway Rd.) (map)

Ben Heffernan- Guitar & Vocals


Emily Waiting

Location: Near 2KM/3KM Mark. (Southside of Medway Rd.) (map)
ConnectFacebook, Music

Carl Brennan – Guitar
Dwayne Knox – Drums and Percussion
Keith Buckley – Bass
TeeJay Aziyen – Vox & Guitar


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