Brayden (Age 6) Tells us Why He Loves Running!!

August 9, 2014

I am a 6-year old that loves running. It may sound strange to some people that a kid so young loves to run distance runs, but I love it. I love that running is all about the challenge. It’s not about the challenge of who wins and who loses, like all of the other sports that I play. It’s about the challenge of doing my best and feeling proud of what I can do. I love the way I feel when I beat my best time and when I complete a longer run without stopping. I love that people of all different ages and all different sizes can participate in races and that everyone cheers each other on.

BraydenI am a 6-year old that loves running and I love that I can do it anywhere. Whether I am running the track at the high school by my house, running the boardwalk at the shore in New Jersey or running in one of the races at home, I love the feeling that running gives me.

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