Ambassador Sandra’s latest blog: Good Race, Bad Race, No Race

August 12, 2014

Good Race, Bad Race, No Race! !! Over the last two and a half years of running, I have had good races and bad races. The good races, and the feeling of elation and accomplishment that comes with those races is what keeps me signing up for more races. Last year, I had a fabulous Rock the Road. I achieved a personal best in the 10k, and that was even with me stopping to re-tie my shoelaces. It was such a great day, I signed up for this years race the next week when registration opened. This is me last year-I was passing people right up until the finish line. The AWESOME volunteer photographers took this!! !!


Bad Race—ughhhhhh! I have had a couple of races where I just could not stop looking at my garmin and wishing for the end. I had a yucky 10k this year where I walked and debated just going right over to my car and heading home. I finished it, and was happy I did. It was not the race I was hoping for, but I like to believe that those bad races serve a purpose. They are humbling. An opportunity to look at where/what/how things went wrong. Did you sleep badly? Big meal the night before? Wardrobe or running shoe malfunction? Weather? Water? Just a bad day? I try not to hold onto those negative feelings of a particular race. The past is behind you! Keep your best foot forwards!! !

The last one is No Race. I had not encountered this yet. Races are not ran due to injury, illness, family emergency, work commitment and bad weather. I have actually debated not running a race due to the fact it looked like rain, and it was windy. I did not want a “bad race”. I decided to run it anyway, and it rained HARD, right into my face! It was windy, and blowing against me at the hilly part! But I finished, felt hardcore, and learned I could overcome those challenges. I did not personal best, but I did not expect to, and I think that was key. ! !

This year, I will not be running Rock the Road. I registered for it last year, paid my fees, and became an Ambassador. I did the training. I am ready to destroy my personal best at a fabulous race that is super fun, and very fast. But it is not going to happen. I am having a procedure that will have me off running for 10 days. This is what I am having done, if you are interested at all—- After waiting for months for an appointment, my name came up, and I will be having it done this week. Which means no Rock the Road race for me.! !

My darling husband Ted will be running Rock the Road this Sunday. He has never run a race before, but has been doing some running since spring. He has worked up to doing a 10k long run on weekends, and I cannot wait to support him, and cheer him on with our 5 kids. He has been my greatest cheerleader, and shoulder to cry on since I started running. Instead of Rock the Road being a great race for me, this will be even more memorable as Ted’s first foray into road racing. For me, I will never forget my first race-the nerves, the excitement, the blast of the starting gun, and the elation of finishing. This is me after my first!! !!


If you managed to get through all this, I hope you will feel inspired to run, or even try a race some day! I started running just before my 38th birthday, and never dreamed that I would finish a 5k, let alone a marathon. I have 5 kids, a full time job, and finding that “me” time is always going to be a challenge, but it has been so worth it for my mental and physical health. Go and leave some footprints all over town!

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