12-Week Training Plan

August 22, 2017

Rock the Road has partnered with Hybrid Fitness to bring you this 12-week training plan that started on Monday, August 21st but you can jump in whenever you want!! Whether you’re a new runner simply hoping to finish, or an experienced runner hoping to crack a 30, 25, or even 20-minute 5K, this plan is for you.

We will share the plan weekly on the Hybrid Fitness Centre facebook page and the Rock the Road facebook page but if you can’t wait to see the whole thing, click the link below.

Here are the descriptions of the ‘paces’ that we use:
1 – Repetition Pace (R) – Your fastest training pace. This is hard, but still not an all-out sprint. This is way faster than you’ll run your 5K.
2 – Interval Pace (I) – A hard pace, but one that you could hold for 10-15 minutes in a serious race. This is therefore still faster than you’ll run your 5K.
3 – Threshold Pace (T) – For most runners this is your 10K pace. You should be able to speak but not hold a conversation. Advanced runners should be able to run at this speed for up to an hour; Beginner/Intermediate runners should be able to run at this speed for at least 30-40min.
4 – Easy Pace (E) – A comfortable conversational pace. This might be anywhere from a slow walk to a light jog. For beginners this should be a walk.

Facebook message us if you have any questions!!

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2017 Registration Update

June 1, 2017

We’ve done Spring, we’ve done Summer, why not give Fall a chance?

Sunday November 12, 2017. The leaves have changed colours, the temperature is dropping fast and our goal is to keep you warm well past the finish line. We are returning to beautiful Arva Ontario for our 2nd run at the Historic Arva Flour Mill. Join us again this year and bring your family.

We strive to promote healthy living, starting with family. We have opened a 5K Walk category to welcome families to participate together this November! We will have hot chocolate and warm cheers at the finish area and along the course. Not a runner? Not a problem! Walk.

Got kids? Bring them and participant in the 100m Kiddie Trot! No registration required.

Still think November will be too cold to be outside?! Be one of the first 100 registrants and receive a warm Beanie! Enjoy summer and get pumped for fall!





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2016 Results – Rock The Road 5K

June 6, 2016

Congratulations to all finishers in the 2016 Run Rock The Road event!

Please visit this link to view the full set of results – Rock The Road Results.

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2015 Results – Rock The Road 10K/5K

June 8, 2015

What a great day it was for a run!
Results have now been posted here: Rock The Road 2015 Results

Thank you so much to all of our Volunteers, Participants, and Sponsors – this event is was made successful by all that were involved!

See you next year!

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2014 Results – Rock The Road 10K, London Ontario.

August 17, 2014

5k/10k Overall Results (As of Aug.23, 2014)

Female Open Winners-10K

1. Rachel Hannah, 33:36.9
2. Lioudmila Kortchaguina, 34:28.9
3. Leslie Sexton London, 35:55.9

Male Open Winners-10K

1. Evans Maiko, 30:59.2
2. Terence Attema, 31:02.2
3. Andrew Nixon,  31:09.9

Female Open Champion-5K

1. Julie Hambleton, 18:29.7

Male Open Champion-5K

1. Jeremy Walsh, 17:43.9

A special thanks to Thames Timing for an excellent job with timing and results!

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