Rock The Road 10K Training
June 9th – August 14th, 2013

This 10-week program will emphasize aerobic development and recovery so you can run a personal best at Rock The Road!

The purpose of these sessions is not only to prepare YOU to run a personal best on August 18th, but to educate YOU on how to run properly via a thorough warm-up and cool-down which includes core, drills, rope stretching, mobility, strength, and much more!

Information Session – FREE (bring a friend or 5)

Who: YOU! What: Run Seminar Where: Hybrid Fitness Centre “The Mount” – 435 Windermere Rd London, ON N5X 3R3
Why: Because You Can Be More Fit
When: Saturday March 30th from 11:00am – 1:00pm Cost: FREE!!!
What to Wear: Something you can stretch in…no short shorts!
Hosts: Brandon Laan and The Hybrid Team

The information session will provide us with an opportunity to explain how the 10-week program will help YOU achieve your goals.

Weekly Breakdown

Sunday @ 8:00 am: Long Run (with variations)
Thursday @ 6:00 pm:
Alternating between speed and thresholds sessions
Meeting Location:
North London & Downtown 


Endurance run – practice what we covered on Thursdays – our new running form!





Sessions will cover biomechanics, posture, cadence, lean, barefoot running, hills, trails, and all aspects of efficient running technique

All workouts will be followed by a 15-20 minute core workout – run focus

Reservoir Park
Reservoir Park is on Commissioners Road at the top of Snake Hill – there are gates to enter, usually open, but if not you can park to the east of the gates and walk in.  We will meet at the parking lot by the Cement building

Denfield Road @ Sunningdale
Great dirt road!

Thursday June 13th
Reservoir Park 

Sunday June 16th
Denfield Road

Thursday June 20th
Weldon Park

Sunday June 23rd

Thursday June 27th
Reservoir Park

Sunday June 30th
Denfield Road

Thursday July 4th
Weldon Park

Sunday July 7th

Thursday July 11th
Reservoir Park

Sunday July 14th
Denfield Road

Thursday July 18th
Weldon Park

Sunday July 21st

Thursday July 25th
Reservoir Park

Sunday July 28th
Denfield Road

Thursday August 1st
Weldon Park

Sunday August 4th

Thursday August 8th
Reservoir Park

Sunday August 11th
Denfield Road

Thursday August 15th
Weldon Park

Registration: 100 Runners Maximum